Ansage etc. for David Moss

• Piece for solo vocalist/performer and avatar chorus.
• 15 minute radio version, 22-minute live version.
• In collaboration with David Moss and programmer João Pais.
• Realized with the support of Initiative Neue Musik Berlin e.V.

Ansage etc. for David Moss plays with “artificial Artificial Intelligence”. 8 synthesized vocal avatars — 4 singers and 4 speakers — sound a combination of pre-written, live, and computer-generated texts around Moss’ storytelling, abstract noisy vocalizations, electronics, and objects. Following a score which has the character of a theater script, the avatars (triggered in real time) and Moss play off one another in a structure where Moss’ partially improvised materials take on new directions and possibilities. At the same time, Moss reframes the avatars, lending them an odd expressivity that posthuman voices in everyday “smart” technology tend to lack.