A Treatise Remix

• Radio feature after Treatise by Cornelius Cardew.
• With Christian Kesten (voice, objects, translations), Andrea Neumann (inside piano), Robyn Schulkowsky (voice, percussion), Christopher Williams (voice, contrabass).
• Mixed by Hermann Leppich.
• Commissioned by Deutschlandfunk Kultur’s Klangkunst program and supported by WORM and Klangendum Studio.
• Additional thoughts available in Tactile Paths et en français chez Paalabres.

A musical essay by Christopher Williams on Cornelius Cardew’s seminal graphic score Treatise (1963-67). Historical recordings of the piece, an original ensemble realization of the piece, and texts about the piece are layered in a lasagna that is at once an interpretation, a critical commentary, and an experience all its own.


Tactile Paths is an artistic research project that articulates and expands the nexus of notation and improvisation in contemporary and …