BeingFive debut CD released by Relative Pitch

BeingFive debut CD released by Relative Pitch


18 November 2022

NYC-based independent record label Relative Pitch releases the debut CD of BeingFive:

Yorgos Dimitriadis: percussion and electronics
Axel Dörner: trumpet and electronics
Lori Freedman: clarinet and bass clarinet
Andrea Parkins: accordion, amplified objects and electronics
Christopher Williams: double bass

A project called ‘BeingFive’ might be motivated by a search to know the nature of being and, by extension, what it means to be together. In this way Montreal clarinettist Lori Freedman set up at once an atelier and a laboratory where both a group music could be made of practically nothing and a social organism could uncover both its organising principles and, perhaps, their limits. Here are exceptionally gifted improvising musicians –– hand-picked by Freedman for a Berlin residency project, a “dream team” comprised of Yorgos Dimitriadis-percussion and electronics, Axel Dörner-trumpet and electronics, Lori Freedman-clarinet and bass clarinet, Andrea Parkins-accordion, amplified objects and electronics, and Christopher Williams-double bass.

– From the liner notes by Scott Thomson