Lessons from the Sandbox: Linking Readership, Representation and Reflection in Tactile Paths


In December 2016, I successfully defended a natively digital dissertation in Artistic Research entitled ‘Tactile Paths: On and through Notation for Improvisers’ at the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts, Leiden University. In this chapter I will share a few field notes on my motivation for publishing TP as a website, my chosen platform, on the collaboration with a professional designer, and the consequences of this route for the research process itself. I write as a user of digital publication tools, rather than a scholar or designer of them. Both despite and by virtue of this limited perspective, I hope what follows might prove a useful case study for writers and theorists of digital dissertations, in Artistic Research and beyond.

The Digital Dissertation: History, Theory, Practice, edited by Virginia Kuhn and Anke Finger