Works List

List of Compositions and Major Collaborations

A Musik (2019-). Flexible duration.

[Paper tool for playing or composing with people]

Das Ewige Aufwärmen (2018).

[Artist book of exercises for cello, mind, and body]
• With photos by Holly M. Gilbert & preparations by Scott Mc Laughlin.

On Perpetual (Musical) Peace? (2018-). 1:00:00.

[Large improvising ensemble]

Ansage etc. for David Moss (2018). 22:00.

[Solo vocalist/performer and electronics]

Thank You For Coming To The Concert. It Was, Or Is, A Pleasure To Sing For You (2018). 2:00.

[SATB chamber choir with Thunder Tubes].

Bicycle Built for (x) (2016). Flexible duration.

[Kit for variable number of dancers, musicians, and performers]
• Collaboration with Jadi Carboni.

Groundwave Rondo (Magnetic Traveling) (2016). 19:57.

[Radio piece: Electromagnetic-, AM Radio-, and field recordings with studio-recorded contrabass]
• Collaboration with Christina Kubisch.
• Commissioned by Czech National Radio.

A Treatise Remix (2015). 46:24.

[Radio piece after Cornelius Cardew’s graphic score Treatise]
• Commissioned by Deutchlandfunk Kultur – Klangkunst.

Seeing the Full Sounding: Christopher Williams explores two pieces by Malcolm Goldstein (2014). 30:44.

[Documentary film]
• Directed by and co-produced with Zachary Kerschberg.

What Hole Is This? (2013). 15:00.

[Scene for four performers]
• Commissioned by Maulwerker. • Developed with Sebastian Dacey.

Water Music (2013). 10:00

[Solo contrabass and metronome]

PATCHES (2012-13). 60:00.

[3-6 dancers und 1-3 improvising musicians]
• Collaboration with dancers Martin Sonderkamp, Siri Jøntvedt, Gry Bech-Hansson, and Gry Kipperberg.

Berlin Quelque Part (2012). 40:00.

[Video, field recordings, analog synthesizer, cb. clarinet, contrabass]
• Collaboration with Compagnie Ouie/Dire and contrabass clarinettist Chris Heenan.

Arcanum 17 (2012). 45:00.

[Microtonal Tuba, contrabass, field recordings, and 8.1-channel electronics]
• Collaboration with Charlie Morrow for the duo Reidemeister Move. • Texts after André Breton.

Wherefore do you, so oft, so oft (2012). 12:00

[Solo singing contrabassist]
• After a song by John Dowland.

To Anacreon (2011 / 2019). 12:00.

[Solo trombone, optional horn and microtonal tuba]

Groundwave Rondo (2010). 15:00.

[Solo contrabass and site-specific tape]

Ràdio Mòvum – Caldes (2009).

[Public radio-installation in the Roman baths at Caldes de Montbuí] • For the Mostra Internacional d’Art Urbà de Caldes de Montbuí.

Rough Music, Cencerro, and Katzenmusik (2009). 10:00.

[Solo speaker und protest-choir]

Profiad (2009). 20:00.

[Solo contrabass]

Diferencias Familiares sobre las Cuerdas (2008). 24:00.

[Solo guitar, tape, and und electronics]
• Dedicated to Ferran Fages.

The Hispaniola: a webradio play for flutist (2008). 52:00.

[Flute, electronics, and live FM radio broadcast] • Developed with flutist Barbara Held. • Texts by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Apples Are Basic (2007). 14:00.

[Viola und contrabass] • Dedicated to Mary Oliver und Rozemarie Heggen. • After images by Sister Corita Kent.

The English Dancing Master leads: or, Mr. Bailey’s Maggot (2006). 8:00.

[Flute, english horn, bassoon, trumpet, percussion, and violin] • Collaboration with visual artist Tanja Smit. • Dedicated to ensemble chronophonie.

¡Okupa! ¿Resiste? (2004). 15:00.

[Flute/ piccolo, Bb/ bass clarinet, and piano AND/OR recorder quartet] • Dedicated to qng Recorder Quartet and trigger ensemble.

Lyrical Variations On(to) the Authority of the Ear (2003). 5:00.

[4 bassoons und toy pianos] • Commissioned by the Short Attention Span concert series, Geisel Library, University of California San Diego.

Molto Bardo (in memoriam Kenneth Gaburo) (2003). 3:00.

[Solo contrabass]

Without Loss of Generality (2002). 9:00.

[Guitar and percussion]
• Dedicated to NOISE Ensemble.

28 private pages for piano Three-Hands (2001-2). 30:00.

[Piano three-hands] • Dedicated to John-Mark Harris.

Gnot (2001). 25:00.

[Piccolo-, sopranino-, soprano-, alto-, tenor-, bass-, contrabass-, and sub-contrabass-violins constructed by Carleen Hutchins]
• Dedicated to the Hutchins Consort.

Loading Variations (2000). 1:00

[Unpitched sounds] • Dedicated to Tucker Dulin.

One Member of One System Being Transplanted to Another, and What Happens (1999). 7:00.

[Electronic carillon]
• Commissioned by Scott Paulson and the University of California, San Diego library.