Solo (self)

I play pieces by myself and by others. Below some examples of the former.

Current Solo Program

Water Music is a prelude on a grid, loosely inspired by an excerpt from Aldous Huxley’s story of the same name:

“Drip drop, drip drap drep drop. So it goes on, this watery melody, for ever without an end. Inconclusive, inconsequent, formless, it is always on the point of deviating into sense and form. Every now and then you will hear a complete phrase of rounded melody. And then – drip drop, dri-drep, di-drap – the old inconsequence sets in once more. But suppose there were some significance in it! It is that which troubles my drowsy mind as I listen at night. Perhaps for those who have ears to hear, this endless dribbling is as pregnant with thought and emotion, as significant as a piece of Bach.”


Groundwave Rondo is a series of pieces for contrabass and “tape”, each version of which is made new (as often as possible) on the way to the gig. While on the train, I improvise for 15 minutes with an AM radio and record it. The radio signal is obliterated by interferences from the train motor, overhead cable, and onboard electronics, turning my receiver into a sort of synthesizer which can be modulated by turning the frequency dial. The recording is played back unedited in the concert — without my having heard it — and we play a duet together.

The electronics in the video above were recorded on the train from Leeds to York, England on 22 October 2013.


Wherefor do you, so oft, so oft perverts a song by the great Elizabethan composer and lutenist John Dowland entitled Lady If You So Spite Me. Richard Barrett flatteringly calls this piece “music you can really slit your wrist to.” For this he deserves’s one and only emoticon: 😉


Moonlight in Vermisst

A collage of solo improvisations recorded over the course of a Saturday in August 2010 in the hay loft at Schloss Schrattenberg, St. Lorenz bei Scheifling, Austria, AKA Hotel Pupik. In the Mur river valley, the weather changes fast, as do the sounds of the valley’s trains, birds, planes, and ghosts.

No overdubs, no effects.

Recorded by Attila Faravelli
Edited and mixed by Christopher Williams